Brief introduction

    Jinpeng agriculture ecology garden is a response to the municipal party committee, municipal government building "beautiful country", strive to build in agricultural production, tourism, ecological habitat, three big functions as the core, the collection of agricultural science and technology exhibition, agricultural production, agriculture sightseeing, leisure agriculture, water leisure, outdoor sports, business meetings, health living for the integration of chuzhou's first large-scale complex ecological leisure tourist area and the socialism new rural construction demonstration area.

    Project is located in chuzhou, anhui province, the project planning covers an area of 7200 mu, nanshan north water, land north of reed {langya} mountain scenery park, in the northeast of chuzhou city, can be made on the east side of the li & fung avenue, connecting the main, the transportation is convenient. Center at the same time, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway crossing project, the project is completed, will become the propaganda of chuzhou card.

    Project a total of eleven functional areas: farm product exhibition area, rural area, college students' creative industrial park, farm product processing area, amusement park, agricultural ecological park, agricultural health experience area, ecological wizard movement area, new countryside looks remarkably, garden flowers growing areas and agricultural science and technology demonstration garden.

    Project since its launch in 2012, the great attention of leaders at all levels and departments concerned, under the support of all the work is in accordance with the plan to move forward steadily. In achieving its own economic benefits at the same time, jinpeng agriculture ecology garden will also absorb thousands of rural surplus labor force employment, catalytic the transformation of agricultural industry structure, boosting the formation of high-quality new farmers and building a harmonious society, harmonious community, the construction of good rural development goals, become a regional typicality and representative in the project, drive around with the development of regional economy and industrial structure adjustment.