Conference reception

    Throughout the conference process, conference reception service involves a wide range, including the former work, during work and after work three links, each link includes a wide range of the reception of the content.
    To classification as participants, conference basically can be simply divided into external meetings and internal meetings.
    The external meeting, can be divided into product launches, seminars, conferences, etc.
    Internal meetings include regular work meeting, monthly meeting and annual meeting, the commendation meeting, and will plan and so on.

    Our meeting will be divided into before the meeting, after the meeting, the meeting.

Before the meeting
    WHEN-The meeting start time, duration
    WHERE-Meeting place to confirm
    WHO-Attendance people
    AMBIENT-The background music, logo and so on
    OTHERS-Limousine service, conference equipment and materials, the company souvenirs, etc
    WHEN-Time, you want to tell all of the participants, the starting time of the meeting and for how long. Doing so will help keep the meeting personnel manage their work very well.
    WHERE-Place "refers to a meeting in what place, pay attention to the layout of the room is not fit for this meeting.
    WHO-External conference of characters to external customers, for example, what are the characters come to the meeting, the company's side who will attend, please to have suitable for external guests to attend the meeting.
    WHAT-The issue on the meeting is to discuss what problems.
    OTHERS-The meeting items, is according to the type, the purpose of this meeting, need which items. Such as paper, pen, notebook, projector and so on whether need to use coffee, snacks, etc.

Meeting in Progress 

     In the middle of the meeting, we need to pay attention to the following of this a few aspects:

     (1) the meeting Preside over the meeting notice, conference attendees, control process, to avoid detour or discuss without decisions, control the meeting time.

    (2) conference seating arrangement Under normal circumstances, the meeting of the seating arrangement is divided into two categories: square and round table meeting. Normally in the conference room is a rectangle table, including the oval, the so-called square table, square table can reflect the primary and secondary. In a square table in the meeting, special attention should be paid to the seating arrangements.

    If only a leader, so he usually sat in the short side of the rectangle side, or more in their location. Say to the door of conference room as the reference point, in the side is the location of the guest. If it is to attend the meeting between the parties in the host general points on both sides to sit, sitting on the right side of the table, master and guests sitting on the left side of the table. Another is to try to avoid this

After the meeting

    After the meeting, we should pay attention to the following details, can reflect the good business etiquette. Mainly includes: Talks to form the text as a result, even if no literal result, also want to resolution of the formation stage, in the paper, there should be someone to follow up the related things; Give the company souvenirs; Visit, such as to visit the company, or plant and so on. If necessary, a photo as a souvenir.